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About This Blog

There are two things I have always enjoyed:  travel and writing.  A few years ago I  decided to make writing more of a priority.  I enjoy it and even have hopes and dreams of writing a novel.  My family traveled a lot when I was a kid and this travel created some of my fondest childhood memories.  So, when I had kids I knew I would want to travel with them too.  Luckily, my husband agreed and ever since our kids were babies, we've been on the go.  At first, it was a necessity.  Neither my family nor my husband's family live close -- driving 7 hours with a 5 week old baby was just something we needed to do.  But by the time our oldest was 18 months old, we were taking her on planes and vacations.  Little brother started vacations at 9 months of age.  I know that may seem crazy to some.  We have friends who would not travel far with their child until they were at least 5 years old -- and “far” was defined as a couple hours drive.  But, we enjoy the travel and our kids do too.  Plus, our kids learn so much from our travels.  They understand and know things because they have seen them firsthand and experienced them.  Travel is, in my opinion, one of the best learning experiences that exist.  


Ok, but why do I need to write about it?  My hope is that I can share our experiences with others -- what were great places and not so great places to take kids, what things made or could have made our travels easier, tips to save money, etc.  When I was preparing for our Alaskan cruise a few years ago, I did a lot of research online and in books. I was surprised to find very little that pertained to kids.  We were going on a Disney cruise, so I knew the ship would be fine, but what about things to do and excursions ashore?  I found little.


The entries on this blog have been written over the past five years, starting when my children were 12 and 10 years old.  While I have had plans to publish this blog online since that time, life happens and  it  just didn’t materialize. Now, with a 17 and 14 year-old, I have tech-savvy children who are helping me create the website and are providing content of their own!.  For each trip I discuss, I will let you know when we traveled and the ages of the kids.  While some of the information may now be outdated, I have tried to double check information for accuracy and provide links where possible.  We also continue to vacation and will include new tips and information as we travel.  It is my hope is that you will find some of this information helpful.  Come along for the ride!  

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