It really was not our original intention to take a 2 week “hopping all over Europe” vacation a la the Griswolds.  (and believe me, we did have our Griswold moments).  Our original intent was to take a 7 day Disney Mediterranean cruise that left from and returned to Barcelona Spain.  But in the planning process, we decided it might be nice to spend a few days in Paris prior to the cruise.  Then, all our possible flights to Paris or Barcelona (paid for with frequent flyer miles) connected through Germany.  So, hey, why not see Germany too? In the end, we had a two week European vacation with time in Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.  It was truly our best vacation so far. But the vacation took a lot of organizing, planning, and trial by error.  My hope is that our blog posts help anyone else looking to plan a similar vacation.  And did I mention we’re going to Northern Europe and London in a few months?  Yikes!  Time to get planning…..   

March 23, 2017


In reading about travel in European cities, one topic that arose was pickpockets.  Paris in particular is known for its pickpockets who hang around popular tourist attractions.  I mentioned pickpocketing to my son, who became obsessed with the topic.  He went online and learned all the ways that they tend to approach people and steal their valuables.  I have to say that as a result my son was VERY freaked out and was dreading...

February 13, 2017

There's a lot of planning to do for a European vacation with teens. Here are a list of things to think about and consider!

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