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Disney Cruise Odds and Ends: Things your Guide Book Doesn't Tell You

Disney Cruise Line Mickey water slide

Here are some tips and tricks that you may not find listed in your cruise guidebook. We hope you find them useful! So, here goes!

Swimming: Pools on cruise ships are in general pretty small and the Disney Cruise Line pools are no exception. It’s not really “swimming,” more like dipping in the water to cool off. Definitely bring the swimsuits, but do not expect to be swimming laps or having lots of space to swim!

Wave Phones: Your cell phones will not work at sea. It can be tough at times to find your family on the cruise ship! However, each cabin has 2 “wave phones” that you can use to stay in contact. You can use them to place a call as well as to text. Put your wave phone in its charger every night so it’s ready to go the next day. Please note the fines are substantial if you lose a wave phone! Do not take them off the ship.

Door Decorations: Folks on Disney cruises love to decorate the door to their stateroom. If you want to look like a seasoned cruiser -- decorate! People put drawings of Minnie or Mickey ears, pictures of characters, their names, that this is the 1st (2nd, 3rd, etc.) Disney cruise they have been on, a sign for a special celebration (anniversary, birthday) or really anything! I do not believe tape is allowed. Most doors are metal and magnets should be used. (If you forget to bring them, go to the customer service desk and they can provide them.) Our travel agent Small World Vacations always sends us a little white board and marker (with magnets on the back) that we can put on the door and use to leave each other notes. It comes in quite handy.

Deck 4: If you are looking for a little peace and quiet, Deck 4 on the Disney Cruise ships (especially the Magic and Wonder) is the place to be. The floor has a wooden running/walking track that you can use as well as shuffleboard courts. It is an open air deck (not enclosed by glass) with comfy lounge chairs. It’s a great place to read, relax or take a nap -- with a gentle breeze and amazing view. It is also shaded by Deck 5, so you don’t have to worry about getting sunburned. I have found that this is an overlooked spot. When the sun deck gets crazy busy, this is where I like to escape!

The Disney Shows: Disney is known of course for its excellent family entertainment, whether movies, theme parks or live shows. This extends to its entertainment on the cruise ship. Every night at 6 or 8 p.m., a live show will occur in the main auditorium. Some nights it is a comedian, juggler, etc. and they are great. But on the nights when it is a Disney musical performance, DO NOT MISS IT!! On a 7 night cruise, these shows will typically occur on the first night, last night and then 2 nights in between. These are Broadway caliber performances with all the Disney characters and songs you love. Lots of special effects, moments to pull the heartstrings as well as laughs. I’m serious -- do NOT miss it!

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